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You can count on us!

We at ILIX are very proud about our product line with over 40.000 tools. And what is best: Our availability at over 90% – we’ve been monitoring this over the last months. All thanks to our European central warehouse. Match that if you can! By introducing our new online shop we could increase our direct shipments – and upgrade our service for you – you may for example order overnight (24 Hours Delivery Service).


Special Tools

specialtoolsILIX can produce special tools according to your individual requirements.

We offer you these advantages:

  • Short delivery times
  • High quality at competitive prices
  • Tools made of HSS, HSS Cobalt, Carbide tipped or Solid carbide for all rotating tools
  • With or without coating

Why wait, just give us a try !


Please send us your special tool requirement, You will be surprised at your quote
Telefon: +49 6192 4090-0
Fax: +49 6192 4090-60
e Mail: info@ilix com

ILIX® Easy Select

The ILIX® Easy Select your simple and easy way to locate the correct ILIX drilling and taping products.

  • It allows you to very quickly select the most suitable drill or tap for most the common materials used by today’s metal cutting market.
  • Find the correct tool for 75 – 80 % of all drilling and tapping applications.
  • Select drilling depths to  3 x d, 5 x d,  8 x d, 12 x d, 20 x d and 30 x d – HSSCo or Solid Carbide.
  • Easy selection of high performance HSSCo taps for both through and blind holes.
  • Easy to use with minimum training – teach yourself with the help of the demonstration video at
  • In A4 or A3 size for your desk and water, oil and dirt resistant.
  • Use in conjunction with the impressive on line 3 D page through ILIX catalogue

Over 100 years of ILIX metal cutting expertise on your desk 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Don’t wait – Order your ILIX® Easy Select today!

ILIX Online Shop

In April  we introduced our new ILIX Online Shop. It is already a big success!

Your advantages, with only a few mouse clicks:

  • A fast stock check for more than 40.000 stocked items
  • 24 hours a day – every day
  • Check your new purchasing price immediately
  • Use in the office, one the move and at home
  • Place orders online