ILIX Online catalogue

Fastest tool selection for your desired processing – together with our ILIX® Easy Select 2017

Your advantages for working with our online catalogue:

  1. Enjoy the easy way of handling the catalogue.
  2. Benefit from the much shorter loading times (compared to downloading the PDF version).
  3. Use our convenient ways to navigate, using:
    1. Indexed search
    2. Division into product categories
    3. Simple navigation forward/back
    4. Direct navigation to page no. (perfect together with ILIX® Easy Select)
  4. Work in your national language – the catalogue interface is available in many languages, contents are English and German.
  5. Always work with the current issue of the catalogue.
  6. Use additional functions, such as taking down notes, automatic browsing etc.
  7. Export single pages in PDF format or print directly from your browser.
  8. And finally – help protecting our environment by saving paper.Or short: Environmental friendly, quick and convenient – the ILIX online catalogue!

TIP: Use ILIX® Easy Select!

ILIX® Easy Select will help you:

  1. with an easy and fast tool selection!
  2. with a simple determination of the right tool for any purpose!
  3. with finding the right page showing the needed tool sizes in our online catalogue.

You may download ILIX® EasySelect here.