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DHMTR indexable insert drills

A combination of solid carbide inserts and steel body.
Drills with solid carbide inserts and a HSS pilot drill,
This guarantees that excellent linearity of bore.
DHMTR indexable insert drills for drilling up to 10 x Ø
DHMTR series covers a diameter range of 45 to 130 mm.

Applications: steel, stainless steel, gray iron, ductile iron, nonferrous metals
For more information, find in the main catalog 2016 page 129-136
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New releases 2015

was introduced at the EMO 2015 in Milan.


SOLID CARBIDE high performance drills Record VA i a. VA, with which we have added another tool in our extensive range for the processing of VA materials can also be used in titanium alloys and Ni alloys.

Very good results were also in low-alloy steels.

  • New cat. No. 6051XB in DIN 6537K without internal coolant,
    drilling depth up to 3 x D, range Ø 3.0 mm to Ø 16.0 mm
  • New cat. No. 6052XB in DIN 6537L with internal coolant,
    drilling depth up to 5 x D, range Ø 3.0 mm to Ø 16.0 mm

The blue surface coating TINALOX is an eye catcher.
The flutes were polished prior to coating, whereby the surface is extremely wear resistant.

Here is a report from our customers:

Record VA i cat. No. 6052XB. Ø 8.5 mm, used on a Ghiron machine tool taper ISO 50th

  • Materal: Inox 304 (Rust, – acid-resistant steel)
  • Drilling depth: 25 mm through hole 3 x D
  • Vc: 75 m / min, f = 0:12 mm / rev
  • Cooling: emulsion 5-7%
  • 20 m tool life, (800 holes), tool wear is very low,
  • Quality of the holes very good.
  • The drilling tool can be reused without regrinding!
  • After assessing the wear characteristics reaches the drill, the two to three life

For more information, see the General Catalogue 2015 pages 69 to 71.

News from SOLID CARBIDE – Record VA i

Clients achieved good results at use in VA material

We presented our SOLID CARBIDE high performance twist drill Record VA I to you at the EMO 2013, which is a completion to our huge line of VA material handling tools.

It stands out by its blue TINALOX coating and the polished channels – making the surface very wear-resistant. The Record VAi will be usable without regrinding for a long time.

Record VAi

Here is what our clients say:

Record VA i Kat. Nr. 6052XB. Ø 8.5 mm,
Used on a Ghiron engine, tool fitting ISO 50.

  • Material: Inox 304 (Stainless, austenitic, heat and acid resistant steel)
  • Drilling depth : 25 mm continuous, 3xD
  • Vc : 75 m/min, f = 0.12 mm / r
  • Cooling : emulsion 5-7%
  • 20 m stand, (800 drillings), Very low regrinding, good drilling quality
  • Tool can be used furthermore without regrinding
  • Tool will last two till three times longer than competitors do.

Find more detailed information in our Innovations-PDF at: