News from SOLID CARBIDE – Record VA i

Clients achieved good results at use in VA material

We presented our SOLID CARBIDE high performance twist drill Record VA I to you at the EMO 2013, which is a completion to our huge line of VA material handling tools.

It stands out by its blue TINALOX coating and the polished channels – making the surface very wear-resistant. The Record VAi will be usable without regrinding for a long time.

Record VAi

Here is what our clients say:

Record VA i Kat. Nr. 6052XB. Ø 8.5 mm,
Used on a Ghiron engine, tool fitting ISO 50.

  • Material: Inox 304 (Stainless, austenitic, heat and acid resistant steel)
  • Drilling depth : 25 mm continuous, 3xD
  • Vc : 75 m/min, f = 0.12 mm / r
  • Cooling : emulsion 5-7%
  • 20 m stand, (800 drillings), Very low regrinding, good drilling quality
  • Tool can be used furthermore without regrinding
  • Tool will last two till three times longer than competitors do.

Find more detailed information in our Innovations-PDF at: