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ILIX® Easy Select

The ILIX® Easy Select your simple and easy way to locate the correct ILIX drilling and taping products.

  • It allows you to very quickly select the most suitable drill or tap for most the common materials used by today’s metal cutting market.
  • Find the correct tool for 75 – 80 % of all drilling and tapping applications.
  • Select drilling depths to  3 x d, 5 x d,  8 x d, 12 x d, 20 x d and 30 x d – HSSCo or Solid Carbide.
  • Easy selection of high performance HSSCo taps for both through and blind holes.
  • Easy to use with minimum training – teach yourself with the help of the demonstration video at
  • In A4 or A3 size for your desk and water, oil and dirt resistant.
  • Use in conjunction with the impressive on line 3 D page through ILIX catalogue

Over 100 years of ILIX metal cutting expertise on your desk 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Don’t wait – Order your ILIX® Easy Select today!

ILIX Online Shop

In April  we introduced our new ILIX Online Shop. It is already a big success!

Your advantages, with only a few mouse clicks:

  • A fast stock check for more than 40.000 stocked items
  • 24 hours a day – every day
  • Check your new purchasing price immediately
  • Use in the office, one the move and at home
  • Place orders online